Here are the original logos from which i made the forum logo.

I have permission to use the SDA logo, and got the original logos from the Australian / South Pacific SDA website. You may not use these logos in any way if they are going to be used in a negative way against the SDA church. If you want to use them in a public / corporate website, you need to get permission to use any images that are not yours.

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Here is the email I got granting permission to use the logo:


Hi Benjamin,

I think it's a great initiative.

It should be OK to use the logo if you ensure that the content of the site would be line with the standards of the church. I have attached a content policy that we use for our church websites. You would need to agree to it also. Also, as it is not an "official" church website, you may need a disclaimer that this is not an official website and therefore may entirely reflect the views of the Seventh-day Adventist church.

As an alternative, have you thought of developing this in conjunction with the conference?

////////// END EMAIL //////////

It went on, but nothing to do with the logo.