If you need help ~ FIRST PLACE TO GO! ~ HERE~~~~~

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If you need help ~ FIRST PLACE TO GO! ~ HERE~~~~~

Post by pushka on 2008-03-13, 01:46

First Places to look if you're having trouble:

The Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] page
This is a list of common problems. Here are the sub-headings:
`Login and Registration
`User Preferences and settings
`Posting Issues
`Formatting and Topic Types
`User Levels and Groups
`Private Messaging
`phpBB 2 Issues

The Forum Forum

The company that runs this forum also has a forum where you can get more detailed help
Though this may have more stuff on how to make a forum (what I have been doing..)

After looking through here ~ reply to this topic or start a new one in the help section of sdasyd.com :?: :shrug: :?:

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