A Brief History of our Youth

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A Brief History of our Youth

Post by pushka on 2008-03-22, 05:16

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A while ago, our pastor J. Jagiello suggested that we have pizza nights, and said that he would pay for them. These were the first formal youth socials in ages, and it started us off, being active again.

Mica was delegated to organise the nights, even though she wasn't the youth leader.. She then started informal youth meetings, starting with one at our house, and then at our church, because it was more central.

Then in the new year, she became youth leader and we started weekly youth meetings and our first youth church, on 24/03/07.

We then got two new members from Adelaide.

We started the FAST program, memorising verses of scripture, by writing then on cards, and reading over them when waiting for the bus, or on a red light etc. http://www.fast.st/

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