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Post by pushka on 2008-02-27, 11:33

[[ 2008-02-26 ]]
Hi, my name's Ben Gibiec~ also known as pushka on the net.. I'm currently enrolled in Macquarie Uni doing Information Technology (IT) and Japanese as my electives. I'm part of the anime club at uni and even though I've been on other forums on the net, the anime one was particularly well used because it wasn't just for an organisation, but for all the uni anime clubs in sydney, and they each had their own boards to organise/plan/discuss, but also they could contact other uni clubs without emailing / etc.

I was thinking, why should some anime clubs have such connection when us youth groups are so separated.. My sister is the youth leader of the Pendle Hill Polish Church and she came back from a youth leader meeting and was excited about how active the other youth groups were and i was wondering why we didn't know anything about them.

And was born~

The youth department of the conference has a pretty empty website, with all the events listed, but no contact to anyone, also no contact to other youth groups, so this way, we can all have our say in an easy and clean way, with no tech knowledge needed.. (thats why I'm here..hehehe)

So go forth and use this forum in all its uses~~~

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