Make a Church Photo Album

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Make a Church Photo Album

Post by pushka on 2008-03-23, 11:02

Sorry, but the photo album that comes with this forum is horrable..
You have to pay to have more than 100 photos, and the added photos you can store expire...

So theres no point trying to get donations, because there will be so many youth groups, and church albums that it would cost too much..

Maybe one day the company that hosts this forum will get a new photo album host..


But untill then:

Create a facebook account (if you don't already have one) for yourself or for your church, and then post links to your albums.
(Make sure to use the public links at the bottom of the screen when viewing your album ~ so people without facebook can see the photos)

I'm so sorry ~ because of this, there is less security ~ anyone can see the photos...

So be carefull, and don't post photos if you don't want them on the internet...

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